Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hanging Up the Lampshade

I've realized that some social activities just aren't as much fun as they used to be. Here are formerly favorite pastimes that have faded or fizzled in my forties.

A juicy gossip session with my girlfriends used to be the highest form of entertainment. I'd get a vicious thrill digging into acquaintances' messy romances, wanton sex lives, and career blunders. I still like to dish a bit, but now I'm more likely to sympathize with other's mishaps than delight in them. It's not only that I'm a softie. It's just that I've learned that whatever goes around tends to come around, and I'd rather people take it easy on me when I'm the one in the hot seat.

In my twenties, a good Saturday night lasted so late it meant stepping over the Sunday Tribune on the way in the door.  No matter how many  games of quarter bounce I lost or tequila shots I threw back, as long as I slept in until noon I felt perfectly fine. These days, two martinis put me under the table and if I'm not in bed by midnight I'm wrecked 'til Tuesday. It's not fair really, I enjoyed those years as a party girl. But my body has told me it's time to retire the shot glass.

Fine Dining
Until recently, going to an expensive restaurant for a gourmet meal was my ideal way to socialize with friends. Now, I've lost the taste for it.  It's just too much - too much food, too much money, too much sitting around, too stuffy. It's more fun to grab a casual light bite, then move on to shoot a game of pool or catch a show.

While my appetite for gossip, drinking games and seven course meals is on the wane, this girl still wants to have fun. Luckily there are plenty of pursuits that have actually gotten better with age. I'll tell you about them in my next posting!

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