Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Visit me Over at Ripe Peach

Dear Fabulous Friends,

As you know I aged up this year, and with a new decade comes a fresh start. I've been feeling the need to shed my skin and shake things up in many areas of my life, including this blog. It only makes sense; I've outgrown the title.

My forties were indeed fabulous, but at 50 I'm feeling more pumped up and turned on about life than ever. So, I'm pleased to introduce you to you my new blog called Ripe Peach. It's the perfect description for the way I feel about this fulfilling and juicy stage time.  I hope you'll find the content always fresh and fun, and sometimes decadently delish. I'm still the Sex & the Suburbs chick after all.

Please visit me from now on at ripepeachme.com and let's continue our pursuit of living to the fullest at midlife. Come on, gorgeous gals, let's get our peach on!