Monday, October 15, 2012

Highlights from Premiere of Sex & the Suburbs

Check out these highlights from the premiere show of Sex & the Suburbs - Live, based on my column for The second show - Monogamy Monotony, how to heat up a long-term relationship - is this Thursday at 7:30pm at the Wilmette Theatre. Join us for an insightful and fun discussion, and a few sexy surprises! For tickets, click here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Reasons Men Should Come to Sex & the Suburbs Show

My column for Make it Better is targeted to women, but live version of Sex & the Suburbs is for both sexes. Here's why men should attend the next show on October 18th. Tickets available at

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Totally Unbiased Review of First Sex & the Suburbs Show

Now that a week has passed since the premiere of Sex & the Suburbs - Live at The Wilmette Theatre, I've calmed down enough to give you a completely objective review.


The thing that was most awesome was the audience. The people who attended were so ready to engage in an intelligent, energizing discussion of a topic that is often not addressed in our society in private, much less in a suburban theater. The majority of the crowd was women, but the men who came out were enthusiastic participants. We'd love to see more guys in the future.

The whole thing couldn't have happened without my outstanding expert panelists who brought wisdom, compassion, honesty and humor to the conversation and expanded our concept of what good sex actually is.  If you'd like to know more about these talented professionals, here's a brief description of their backgrounds, viewpoints and links to their websites.

Carol Moss of Wilmette is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a Life Coach and, when she has time, performs as a cabaret singer.  I personally have benefitted from her coaching. She is co-author of the book A Woman's Search for Inner Peace. Carol believes "good sex is part of the life force that we all have and it's part of why we're here on earth. It's expressed in things beyond sex - it's the way we play the piano, cook a meal, or write an article. Our life force validates who we are, and good sex is part of that." Visit her website for information about her inspiring work.

Antoinette Saunders of Wilmette is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who has been working with children and adults for 35 years in her private practice and has a distinguished writing and teaching career. With Carol Moss, she co-authored A Woman's Search for Inner Peace. Toni believes "good sex is about connection. In our middle and later life we have to focus on the energy and importance of connection. And that means affection and respect and intimacy and touching each other. When we think of sex we tend to think of intercourse, and I'd like to suggest that sex is a lot more than that." You can reach Toni through her website.

David Klow of Evanston is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and trained Intuitive Healer and guide. He works intuitively and deeply with individuals, couples, and families and runs multiple therapy groups. David feels "good sex is mindful sex, and it's mysterious. It's hard to be present to that mystery when we are pulled by so many things in our lives. Part of good sex is that it's a bodily thing. We're really in our heads. The shift for good sex is to move from our heads into our hearts. It's a journey, and we have to take responsibility for ourselves and work with our partners." David owns David Klow & Associates in Skokie.

Andrea Gaines is a certified Life and Wellness Coach based in Evanston. She's committed to helping women be more intuitive, sensual and radiant. Her 16 year marriage to her husband George stays hot and sexy because of their commitment to yogic sexuality practices. "I think good sex is about creating polarity, about bringing energy to the relationship, to making vulnerability okay, and turn-on, meaning men being responsible for managing their turn-on and women knowing their turn-on." Want to know more about what Andrea's talking about? Visit her Higher Ground Coaching website.

A number of other people contributed to the evening:  Val Haller of Valslist who created a slow dancing sexy playlist you can own for yourself, Andee Harris of  Bedroom Chemist who donated a super sensual "Chemist Kit" for the raffle and will be part of our next panel, and Angela Keefe of Bedhead Photography in Winnetka who gave a very generous boudoir photography package guaranteed to make the lucky raffle winner see herself in a whole new way.

And finally, a special shout out to Karen and Dan, our Typical Married Couple, for being so open and willing to share your impressions and experiences with the audience. You must come back next time! And my deepest appreciation to Make it Better for their consistent support.

Don't miss our second show on October 18th as we move from the conceptual into specifics as we take on "Monogamy Monotony - How to Heat Up a Long Term Relationship." Tickets at!