Thursday, January 1, 2009

This Year, Reduce Your Resolutions

I'm lowering my standards for New Year's resolutions. Year after year I set ambitious goals like getting in shape, organizing my finances, writing a book. But those projects take so looong - by March 1st I've completely lost interest. For 2009, I'm going for some fast fixes. I'm taking on things that can be achieved quickly, say in the time it takes me to write this entry.

My first resolution is to improve my vocabulary, and there's no time like the present. I'm putting my faineant (do-nothing, idle) ways behind me. I've found that has a panoply  (splendid or impressive array) of new words to explore and I will not be pusillanimous (cowardly) in using them.  Hey, three new words in a single paragraph? Improved vocab - check.

My second resolution is to clean out my office. Give me a minute here. Okay, I tossed my 2008 calendar in the recycling bin and deleted 846 old emails. Office organization accomplished, what next?

My third resolution is to appreciate my husband more. He just walked by so I grabbed his ass and whispered a vague promise into his ear about "later."  He looks very happy now.

I'm on a roll with this resolution thing. I don't want to be temerarious (reckless/rash), but I'm gonna keep going.  Now I'm drinking a glass of water to fulfill my resolution of  being better hydrated, while doing my kegel exercises because who doesn't want better kegels?

With that flurry of activity, I think I've accomplished enough for one year.  Happy 2009 to you all; my resolutions have surceased (come to an end.)

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