Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Big O Sex Column

My latest "Sex & the Suburbs" column is all about orgasms. Relax, Mom, not MY orgasms - women's orgasms in general. And, no surprise, we're wired very differently from men. Here's a little teaser, below, but please read the complete article over at Make It Better - 5 Things to Know About the Female Big O.

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2. Straight-up sex rarely rings the bell

Fewer than 25% of women climax through intercourse alone. A woman’s hot button is her clitoris, which, since it’s external, is tricky to engage during intercourse. As Dr. Lissa Rankin writes in her book, “What’s Up Down There.” “The truth is that the majority of sexual positions that involve vaginal penetration fail to stimulate the clitoris at all. Most women need something more.”

Men often forget this fact, so to help them relate, ask your guy to imagine having sex without his penis being involved. Not that much fun, right?
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