Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What I Wore this Week and Why - Part 2

The exercise of documenting my outfits continues, and I have actually learned a few things in the process. But first, here are the last three days. If you missed part 1, click here to see Wednesday - Saturday.

Sunday: Errands and Astrology Craft Class
Another wet, sloppy, wintry day, so practical footwear continues to be a requirement. This Sunday I did a lot of lazing around, then fired up to clean the house and hit the grocery store in time to be at She Beads, a local boutique that sells gorgeous and spiritual handmade jewelry. I had signed up to participate in a New Moon class led by astrologist and She Beads owner Sandy Rueve. With Sandy's help, our group consulted our astrological charts, discussed the significance that the new Aquarian moon had for us, did a guided meditation, then created a talisman out of the beautiful materials in the shop that was infused with our personal intention and  new moon energy. It was creative, girly and fun! Anyway, I digress, Here's what I wore:

  • Design History Wool Sweater
  • Fresh Produce long-sleeve T-shirt
  • Cabi leggings
  • Motorcycle boots (brand unknown)
  • Lagos pendant

Monday: Writing, Carpooling, Errands
Basically, after an early morning tennis game, I barely left the house. I did get a lot of work done, though. Jeans/boots/sweater are my basic uniform.

  • Banana Republic Purple V-neck sweater
  • Cabi multi color tank
  • Citizens of Humanity jeans
  • Sam Edelman suede booties

Tuesday: Workout, Writing, and Running Around
It's not even noon yet and I've been through quite a few outfits.
First I hit the basement for my own personally designed workout which involves a lot of exuberant dancing around mixed with light weights and a few sit-ups and some stretching. Then I decided I was sick of the drab weather and dull clothes I'd been wearing, so I pulled out these summery turquoise capris. Unfortunately, no matter how I accessorized, the blue capris turned out to be a big "don't."  Note to self: super bright, super tight capris are not flattering on a curvy short chick at any time of year. These are going in the donatation basket, pronto.

Nike top/Lucy pants
Definitely not
Um, no

Eventually I ended up with the outfit below. It's still colorful, but the pants are more flattering and the length is better. And hey, I'm not wearing boots for the first time all week!

  • Gap striped tank
  • Limited black stretch blouse
  • Cole Hahn leather belt
  • Cabi red pants 
  • Via Spiga patent leather oxfords

Here are a few observations I have after a week of documenting my outfits.

1. Taking a picture of yourself is a good way to assess your outfit - it's much better than looking in a mirror. If you're not sure if what you're wearing is flattering, just take a picture and check yourself out. If the pic doesn't look good, neither do you. (This works great when trying on clothes in a dressing room too - and you can text the photo to a friend for advice.)

2. Certain pieces of clothing are worth investing in - especially those that stand the test of time. For me, classic basics like the riding boots, pencil skirt, cashmere cardigan, and tailored gray slacks were worth spending more money on. I hope the Equipment leopard blouse holds up, because it was expensive.

3. It's okay to buy cheap! I love a deal, and one of my favorite places to buy fun tees and sweaters is Gap, which I think for the money is the best value around. And I love my skinny boyfriend jeans so much.

4. Wow, I wear a lot of black. Admittedly, I spent a lot of time at somber events this week, but also, these clothes are not one bit sexy. I look repressed! That's kind of disappointing for a sex columnist. I can do better.

5. Finally, I need to get out more. Winter makes me a little crazy; I really don't like the cold weather and   I have a tendency to hibernate. Once my daughter graduates from high school, I've vowed to never spend another dreary February in Chicago. But until then, I need to make an effort to actually leave the house! Hopefully for something other than funerals.

On that note, I'm outta here. But before I go, I'd love to hear how you view getting dressed and what your clothes say about you.

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