Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I Wore this Week and Why - Part 1

I'm no fashionista, but I think clothes matter. They can influence the way you feel and the way you're perceived. Clothes communicate who you are, what you have going on in your day, and what you intend to accomplish. Clothes can bring you comfort, give you confidence, show respect to others, and even charm and seduce. They can also can make you feel uncomfortable, out of place, or artificial. Unlike your face or your body, you can dress yourself differently every day or even several times a day, depending on how you feel and what your goals are.

Inspired by several fashion blogs, I'm keeping a record of everything I wear this week. I'm not intending to promote any sort of style  or offer fashion advice. It's really an exercise to analyze what  clothes say about a person and her life. All it takes is a camera phone and a full length mirror, so maybe you'd like to do it along with me. I love to know the details of what people are wearing.

Wednesday: Friend's Mother's Funeral
This was a very sad and touching event. I chose this outfit because it was mainly black, which is appropriate for a funeral, but I wanted to add some color to represent life and hope.

  • Bloomingdale's cashmere cardigan (very old)
  • Equipment Leopard Print Blouse (new last year, Nieman Marcus)
  • Karen Kane black skirt (also very old)
  • Cole Haan Riding Boots 

Thursday: Carpool, Vet, and Writing at Home
The weather is really sloppy today and I've got a lot of errands to run and a column to write. I'm dressing for comfort and practicality here, in my favorite jeans. 

  • Gap Skinny Boyfriend Jeans
  • Design History Gray Ruffled Top
  • Gentle Souls Suede Booties

Thursday Evening: Winter storm
Big messy snowfall Thursday, so I bundled up to do some shoveling. I absolutely hate this puffy brown coat but it's perfect for jobs like this. My dog, Kelly, got anxious a couple weeks ago and attacked the shearling liner of my left boot.  I'm wearing it anyway.

  • Ugg Hat and Boots 
  • Detested old brown coat. 

Friday Morning: Writing at Home
When I'm writing, I'll often stay in my pjs and glasses until lunchtime - one of the best benefits of working from home!

  • Gap pajama pants (or maybe DKNY, the tag is gone)
  • "Steve" shelf tank
  • Kate Spade glasses (from about 12 years ago)

Friday afternoon, Tennis Match 
Wearing something fun puts me in a better frame of mind to compete, but in this case, my candy striper tennis skirt was not enough to help my partner and I prevail. We did take one set though - close match.

  • Lulu Lemon jacket
  • Nike tennis skirt
  • Lucy workout pants
  • Prince tennis shoes

Friday Evening: Visitation for Friend's Father
Sadly, two of my dearest friends lost one of their parents this week. I've had this gray ensemble for at least five years and it seems to be appropriate for many occasions. My stylist friend and collaborator Kate Shifrin helped me pick it out. The pants are perfectly tailored  - at Kate's suggestion the front pockets were removed and sewn shut to eliminate gaping and bulging.

  • DKNY gray wool cardigan
  • Classiques Entier plum top
  • Alice + Olivia gray wool trousers
  • Scarf (I've had it forever, no tag)
  • Gentle Souls booties 

Saturday Morning : Funeral for Friend's Father
My second funeral mass of the week, and you guys, this is getting hard. However, there's a great deal of beauty in  the way a family is united in the loss of a loved one. Everyone is so tender, everything seems more precious. At the packed church, people were carefully, conservatively dressed, which emphasized to me that clothes really matter. They set a tone, show you care, and unite you with the people around you.

Another stylist friend, Midge Wegener, inspired me to buy this outfit when we made a fashion video together a few years ago. You can't go wrong with pencil skirt and cardigan.

  • J. Crew Rust Cardigan
  • J. Crew black & white cotton blouse
  • J. Crew black pencil skirt
  • Cole Haan riding boots

That's it for now, I'm not sure if this is exercise meaningful or just silly, but I'm going to finish what I've started. I'll post the second half of the week on Wednesday.

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