Monday, February 18, 2013

Jade Egg - Tones you up from the inside out

The jade egg practice originated
 in ancient China.
When I interviewed Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver of Chicago's Tantranova Institute about the benefits of kegel exercises for my April "Sex & the Suburbs" column, I had no idea they would be so generous. Not only did the striking pair provide inspiring advice about why and how women should tone and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, they gave me a beautiful little jade egg to help me tone mine.

You guys, I write about sex a lot, but I'm no expert. I'm learning about the subjects I cover along with all of you. I had never used an egg before (not even for darning a sock) and I was a bit trepidatious about getting intimately involved with this one. But since I was covering the subject, it didn't seem right not take to advantage of Elsbeth and Freddy's gift.

Elsbeth does a little demo of how to use what she calls the "yoni egg" in the video below, as well as discusses the benefits, which include maintaining healthy reproductive organs, preventing incontinence,  feeling more connected to your sexuality, and yep, better orgasms. Who doesn't want all of that? Take a look at this short video, then read on for my own experience if you're interested.

Elsbeth says the the egg is easy to remove - you just push it out. And, she told me, the vagina is like a cul de sac capped by the cervix, so the egg can't get lost. Even so, I was relieved that my egg came with hole drilled through the small end, so I could loop a length of dental floss through it so it could be tugged out like a tampon.

The first time I wore my egg, I did as Elsbeth instructed and spread a small drop of lube on the tip before inserting. Apparently you don't want to overdo it, because if the egg is too slippery it might fall right out! It wasn't hard to pop in the egg, but I have to say it felt weird. The stone was cold at first and it was heavy. The unaccustomed pressure wasn't painful, but I felt what I can only describe as full and a little tender. I was definitely aware of my yoni.

The egg provides resistance when you squeeze during kegel exercises, but it also tones and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles just by being inside you, so you can wear it around for as long as you feel comfortable. Elsbeth wears hers pretty much all day, every day. I tested mine out for an hour or so the first time and was keenly conscious of it being there. By the third time I totally forgot about it.

It's too soon to tell if the egg is going to make me have the most earth shattering sex of my life (fingers crossed!) but I do feel that wearing it is a grounding, centering experience that makes me feel more womanly and, as promised, more in touch with my sensuality. And it's a damn easy workout. Thank you Elsbeth and Freddy! Want an egg of your own? Visit Tantranova's site.

By the way, Elsbeth and Freddy are going to be guests at my June 13th Sex & the Suburbs - Live show featuring Sizzling Couples. If you're in the Chicago area, come on out. Tickets are available at


Anonymous said...

I wear my for long periods of time. Once I insert I feel it but later on I don't notice it. I have a medium sized and I have a small. The small does take concentration.

Thanks for sharing

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I've been hearing about this type of product for years. However, would you believe I think it's the first time someone has pointed out that it improves your reproductive health too. There is so much information out there that women don't know, that can really help us. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Can we have an update please.

Anonymous said...

Which way to insert? The small or big side first?

Anonymous said...

insert large side, small side usually has drill holes for floss