Monday, April 4, 2011

My Vision Board is coming true - and no, I'm not drinking

I was swimming through a luminous, stalactite covered underground cave in Mexico this week, when I realized I'd put the experience on my vision board. Really.

After making my first vision board with Carol Moss and friends, all those old magazines stacked on my dining room table proved irresistible, and I had to make a second one. I decided board number two would be about strength and empowerment. Because, you know what? It's time for me to stop waiting around, hoping to get noticed or validated or... chosen.  It's time for me to harness my own power, dammit!

Anyway, one of the images I chose was from National Geographic of a diver swimming in a mind-blowing cave system recently discovered in Vietnam.  As I positioned the picture on my board, I hesitated. I knew I'd never come close to doing anything that daring. But the photo was so powerful, I glue-sticked it down anyway.

 Here's the original cave-swimming pic from National Geographic:

And here it is on my board (partially pictured):

I would never have left the comfort of my all-inclusive Riviera Maya resort if my husband, kids and family friends hadn't had their hearts set on visiting Xplor - a zip-lining, ATV driving, underground river adventure park - the thought of which made me shudder with dread. Boarding the bus that morning, I longed for my beach chair, book, and lunchtime Corona with lime. But I was determined to be a good sport.

That's how I found myself swimming through a magical, prehistoric cave.  The picture below is not of me, but it's exactly what I experienced. Laughing and splashing in the glowing river it suddenly hit me.

"Hey!" I shouted to my friend Tricia, "I put this on my vision board! Nick, Emma! Cave swimming is on my vision board." It was a very cool moment.

image from

The cave system might not be as vast as the one in Vietnam, but it was breathtaking. And don't you think it's too much of a freaking coincidence that a mere six days after I slapped a picture of a person swimming in a cave on a piece of poster board, I became one?  


Kelley Long said...

That is so stinking cool!! I just love how the power of attraction works in the world. As I've started to pay attention to these things, I realize more and more that putting the intention out there makes it happen.

For me, I was recently talking on the phone with a business contact about my desire to find more paid speaking opportunities. While we were talking, I missed a call from a woman I had met in the Boston airport years ago, inviting me to be the featured speaker for a client event she is putting on in Omaha.

While I was expressing the wish, it came to me. How freaking cool is that?!?

Glad you guys had fun in Mexico and I can't wait to see more of your visions come true!

Marjie Killeen said...

Kelley - whoa, now that's synchronicity! I want to hear about your speaking event! I'm keeping a very close eye on both my vision boards now. Please let me know if you attract any more of your wishes.

Cindy said...

I think that a picture board party is in order and you need to invite some friends who will bring wine and begin their own journies...too cool.