Friday, April 22, 2011

Musings on Men and Personal Power

This month, as I've been looking for inspiration, I've also been playing around with the theme of empowerment. Part of my midlife crisis is that I waste a lot of my mind time questioning what I'm doing - is it the right thing, am I doing it well, does it matter, what do other people think, am I being selfish? All of these thoughts are undermining and unproductive.

You know who doesn't waste time with all this paralyzing, wobbly self-doubt? Men!

I've been watching  The Tudors  series on DVD - if you didn't see it on Showtime, I highly recommend - and Jonathan Rhys Meyers (hot!) as King Henry VIII embodies male confidence to the extreme. His attitude is simple: he is entitled to any outcome he desires and whatever he desires - no matter how self serving, contradictory, or reckless - is worthy.

It's not exactly a kindly, moral attitude but I kind of dig it. It's damn efficient.

Obviously, not all men feel as divinely empowered as a medieval king, but I do appreciate the male trait of straightforwardly owning their skills, opinions, and accomplishments. So often women demure, side-step, make excuses. We rethink even our tiniest decisions.

I've started taking an inspiring women's class (more on this to come) where we practiced giving and receiving sincere compliments. If I need a role model for this, I only have to look as far as my own husband.

"You look great," I'll tell him.

"I do," he'll reply, "I'm a f**king stud." And he's not kidding.

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