Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 Good Things - Write them down and Get Happy

In today's Sunday Trib Magazine I read an article by Nara Schoenberg titled Happiness, Meet Science. In it is a simple, scientifically proven way to get happier. Every night before bed, write down three things that happened during the day that made you feel good or grateful. Within weeks, you'll be measurably happier.

"The research here is pretty clear," says University of Michgan psychology professor Christopher Peterson. "People who do ("Three Good Things") on a regular basis get happier."

Okay, it seems easy enough. Here are three things that make me happy today (and it's only noon!)

  1.  My usually intense hubby's goofy animal imitations. His moose is my favorite, but today he was a very silly bunny.
  2. The sunshine and soaring temps. It's like summer today! 
  3. A breakfast of chocolate cake, clementines and coffee in bed while reading the newspaper. Ahhh.
Gee, that took about 2 minutes - this is one habit I can keep up. And I'm feeling more cheerful already.

Got three things that made you feel good today? Go write 'em down. Or better yet, share them here and we'll get started together.


Krista said...

1) The sunshine and it's out today make me happy.
2) Going to the gym and getting sweaty.
3) coffee and I'm drinking some right now yum!!!

Marjie Killeen said...

Krista - thanks so much for sharing! And because it's a new day, here are three more from me.

1.It's only 10:30am but I've already met my writing deadline for today.
2.The forsythia bush out back is starting to bloom!
3. This cool song by Paolo Nutini, "Loving You."

Julie said...

Finally found the time to find your it! Three good things 1 your blog. 2. Candy necklaces ( don't ask ) 3. Sex in the city reruns on e!-

Marjie Killeen said...

Julie -I'm so glad you visited. I did "3 good things" with my kids at dinner tonight. Here are mine for day 3 -
1) Saw an unexpectedly great play last night and had fun writing the review for it.
2) Walking my silly dog on a decidedly springy day
3) Good conversation over dinner with kids.