Thursday, April 14, 2011

Men are insightful about midlife too

While I write from the female perspective, I love knowing that men are also thoughtful about the meaning of this time of life. My friend and former colleague (okay, boss!) Jim Sullivan is a leadership consultant who helps executives lead from the heart. His recent blog post about age not being the true measure of life really resonated with me. Here's an excerpt:

"Mae West was famous for saying “It’s not the men in your life, honey; it’s the life in your men.” That’s a funny way of saying that, in a heads-up trade-off, quality beats quantity any day.
So, I’ll offer this thought to a couple of days of brilliant blog posts from my gifted colleagues:
Your life is measured by what you pay attention to.
When you think about it, your attention is YOU. It’s literally your “life force.” It’s the energy you summon and give to the world around you.
It’s really the scarce resource in our lives. Not money. Not even time. It’s our attention."

Follow this link to read Jim's complete post, titled "What we Attend To."

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