Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Francesca's photos - 'Oh my god, that's me?'

This is the second part of a series about Francesca's boudoir photography experience. To read Part 1, click here or scroll down.

When Francesca, 44, went to view her photos from her Enamour shoot, she felt like a movie star at a screening.

"I was giggling and nervous about what I was going to see," she said, "but there were so many great shots to choose from. Some of them put a huge smile on my face. I had never, ever felt that way about myself. I was mesmerized, thinking -oh my god, that's me?"

The shoot itself had been a treat, mostly because co-owners Gina and Sylvi made her so feel so comfortable.

"It was a blast! I was the center of attention and Gina and Sylvi put me totally at ease. We laughed a lot." Francesca continued, "I'm not a model, but they selected poses that were very natural and easy for me to do. I felt like I was this magnificent beauty."

Now that Francesca has seen the pictures (some of her favorites are shown here ) she can't wait to hang them on her wall at home.

"The photos captured a part of me that I don't see in myself - confident and beautiful. Now, when I look at them they'll be a reminder."

She's also excited for her husband to see the pics. "He always tells me that I'm beautiful, but when I feel that way.... I can't wait!"

Maybe there's a side of you that's itching to be explored. Enamour packages start at $450. For more information- or just for fun - visit their website at www.enamourphotography.com.
Enamour's Gina Sanders & Sylvi Davidson


JL said...

this concept has been around for quite a while...am I dating myself? I think this is a high end, adult version of Glamour shots. Hot, hot, hot!!! You rock Marjie!!!

Marjie Killeen said...

Thanks JL, and yes, the Enamour gals tell me there has been a resurgence of the 80s glamour shots (done tastefully, as you see.) Doesn't it look like fun?

Melissa said...

As an Enamour client, I would like to note that my experience was a far cry from Glamour Shots. Gina & Sylvi are fun, prfessional, and classy. They actually take the time to get to know your personal style & taste BEFORE the shoot even takes place. I couldn't have been more happy with the results. I got beautiful portraits, learned so much about myself, & created memories that will last a lifetime. I am so glad that I chose Enamour Photgraphy!

Marjie Killeen said...

Maybe I'm not familiar with Glamour Shots after all!