Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Men and Women get Turned On Differently

Poster image from Amazon.com
Sometimes a picture really is worth a 1000 words. I showed this poster from Amazon to my all-female audience at my Sex & the Suburbs show on Thursday, and again when addressing a men's group over the weekend. The response was the same for both - first a laugh, then a sigh of recognition and relief.

That's why it takes so much longer for me to get turned on than him, think the women.

That's why she doesn't want sex as readily as I do and is so much harder to figure out, think the men.

Hey, they both think, we're just wired differently - this isn't my fault!

Nope, nobody's at fault here. It's just plain old biology that gives men quicker access to their desire and a relatively straightforward way to satisfy it, while women need time and stimuli to get fired up and achieve pleasure through a wide and sometimes elusive range of experiences.

Can I get the instruction manual for this? One man joked.

Sorry, I laughed, there isn't one; every woman is unique. But just knowing this difference exists and allowing more time to explore and learn from each other is a great first step!

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