Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friend Me on Facebook

Saturday night was my son's first high school dance. It was a big deal - jacket and tie, pictures, corsage, pre-dance dinner and post-dance party. It brought back fond memories of my own high school dances. So imagine how happy I was when, yesterday, two of my long lost friends from Lakeland High School, Lisa and Frog, found me on Facebook. There, posted on Lisa's wall was our double date photo from my Junior Prom! (I'm the one seated and my date, Brian, is standing behind me.)

How I love Facebook. Every day it brings a new surprise.

I originally started Facebooking about a year ago to keep track of my son's online activities. I still check up on him from time to time, but these days, Facebook is all about me, me, me and of course, my beloved 118 (and counting) friends.

Facebook allows me to keep tabs on people I don't see very often, as well as share laughs with people I see all the time. I've entered my cousin Rachel's baby pool (my bet is March 26th), traded movie reviews with my gal pal Suzanne, and learned that my old boss Jim's middle name is Bernard. I know when Stephanie's band is playing and that it's snowing right now in Eau Claire. I even enjoy looking at photos of really fun parties that I wasn't invited to.

Sure, it's all rather trivial, but these intimate little details are the stuff friendships are made of and I like it all. But I don't have to tell YOU that. You're reading a blog, so you are obviously one internet-savvy hipster. You're probably already experiencing the joys of Facebook.

In which case, friend me!

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