Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Way to A Woman's Heart

Last night my husband gave me the most sensuous, romantic Valentine's gift. He cooked me dinner. He planned the whole thing from start to finish and, let me tell you, it was hot.

Just watching Liam page through the cookbook that morning gave me goosebumps. When he brought in bags of groceries in the afternoon, I went weak in the knees. As dusk fell, my heart pounded as he got out the food processor. And when his bubbling sauce pan filled the kitchen with a spicy aroma, I could barely control my desire.

My anticipation reached a fevered pitch as he lit candles and poured champagne. Finally, at eight o'clock, Liam served me a beautiful plate of grilled chilean sea bass, roasted potatoes and creamed spinach. I wanted to rip his apron off.

Men should know that women also appreciate being wooed through their stomachs. Having a man take the time and effort to plan and cook a meal is a total turn on. I certainly appreciated Liam for going to all that trouble.

And what was on the menu for dessert? Let's just say it was delicious.


Suzanne said...

I totally agree that men who know their way around a kitchen is sexy. Loved the piece!

rn terri said...

What a great Valentine gift!

Anonymous said...

Who knew you had this romantic streak, Marjie? Maybe there's a future for you writing for Playgirl.