Friday, September 21, 2012

Press for Sex & the Suburbs

Thanks to Bruce Ingram of the Pioneer Press for writing this nice story about my upcoming series of shows at the Wilmette Theatre. I'm usually the one asking the questions, so I was a bit nervous about how I came off in the interview. I have sudden empathy for our presidential candidates! Anyway, I was very happy with the way Sex & the Suburbs is portrayed here. It's not just about what's going on between the sheets - it's about what's going on in our heads.

Anyway, here's an excerpt - if you're in the area, would love to see you Thursday night! Tickets are $20 available at

Suburban sex columnist spices up Wilmette Theatre

It’s the eternal dilemma: Sex vs. sleep.
Read the full article here. 
Marjie Killeen, of Wilmette, who writes the award-winning “Sex and the Suburbs” column recognizes that slumberland has a strong attraction for sleep-deprived North Shore types. Yet, as might be expected, Killeen has lots to say in favor of other bedtime activities. 
“Sex is a vital part of life that makes you feel better in all the other areas of your life,” she said. “It makes you a better parent, a better partner, and it makes you excited and tuned in and turned on about living.”  
You can learn more (and weigh in with your own opinion on the subject) when Killeen leads a panel of experts in discussion of “Why is Good Sex Important? (Especially Compared to a Good Night’s Sleep),” Sept. 27, at the Wilmette Theatre. Channel 7’s Linda Yu will host the first in a series of three monthly “Sex and the Suburbs” panel discussions. Panelists include Killeen, life coach Andrea Gaines, marriage and family therapist David Klow, clinical social worker Carol Solberg Moss and clinical psychologist Dr. Antoinette Saunders. A cocktail reception with prizes precedes the first show.

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