Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey Goldilocks, Get into the Woods

Feeling frazzled, unfocused, pent-up with frustration? For once, my recommendation has nothing to do with sex. Get into the woods, woman.

I've lived on the North Shore for 15 years, and until recently never ventured into the nearby Glenview Woods. But these days, when it's time to walk Kelly I'm more likely to throw my pooch into the car so we can have some unleashed quality time in a place that's restorative and fun for both of us. These pics are from our outing on Saturday.
Wildflowers along the path
After just a few minutes on the trail I can breathe better; after a half hour in I'm immersed in the beauty of the the trees, the sound of the river, and the unexpected combinations of wildflowers clustered along the path. Plus, hiking the rolling terrain is good exercise.
Sunlight streaming through the trees.
Kelly bounds through the underbrush chasing chipmunks, and seeing her emerge - quivering with excitement and covered in burrs - is ridiculously gratifying. What had I been fretting about an hour ago? Who cares? In the forest I feel like I'm 11 years old. 

During these last gorgeous days of summer and early fall, find a woodland spot that you can escape to. You know what you might discover? Yourself.

For recommendations of nature spots of the North Shore, see my article and video for Make it Better.

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