Friday, January 27, 2012

My $170 boob job

Changing boobs and shapewear are not new topics here on Forty Fabulous, but this is a fresh find. Last Christmas, Liam presented me with a beautiful La Perla bra (just like the one pictured) and boy short panties. Very tasteful and expensive, but kind of awkward to open in front of our two teenagers.

Oh well.

Over the last year, I have donned my La Perla lingerie for, ahem, special evening occasions, but I've never been able to treat it like everyday underwear until yesterday's laundry crisis, and oh the joy! This bra was miraculous! As I pumped gas, ran errands, did the dishes, I marveled at my transformed bust. My boobs were so happy nestled in the shaping, luxurious cups. They were lifted and full and youthful and round; they curved together with a hint of cleavage.

"Look!" I gushed to Liam, preening in my v-necked sweater. "Look at what this bra does for my chest! It's amazing! How much did this thing cost anyway?"

Apparently about $170. Whoa. That's at least four times what I pay for a bra. But I have to say, yesterday my tits looked at least four times better than usual. I'm definitely gonna get some more wear out of this baby.

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