Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Review of Hot Flash Havoc

Until recently, I never wanted to discuss menopause. When girlfriends brought up the subject, I'd actually shudder. "Keep your voice down," I'd hiss. "People will think we're old." Then I'd recoil as if my friend had a communicable disease. I sure as hell didn't want to catch it.

But after a year of hot flashes, night sweats, sleep problems and moodiness, now I'm the one talking about menopause.

I'm so glad my friends at The Succulent Wife asked me to review the film, Hot Flash Havoc. It's a comprehensive, entertaining guide to the facts and myths regarding this completely natural time of life and it's a must see for every woman over 35. I was surprised by how misinformed I've been.

Check out my complete review and how the film helped me make a "change" that's made me feel Forty Fabulous once again.

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amkovacs said...

I just came back from a girls' weekend. All of us were mid-lifers, contending with perimenopause and menopause issues. I brought the Hot Flash Havoc DVD with me and, although it wasn't our first choice of video to watch (something with Brad Pitt was top of the list), it spawned a 3 hour watch-stop-discuss session that was immensely valuable to all of us. Highly recommend it.