Monday, December 15, 2008

Only 10 Damn Shopping Days Left

Today is December 15th and wham!  the holiday stress just hit me. Yesterday, I was feeling good about decorating the tree with the kids, but today I'm overwhelmed by all the housework, shopping, cooking, mailing, wrapping and card-writing I haven't begun to think about. What the heck have I been doing all month?

Everyone I know is much further along, and they're pulling off gracious holiday feats that won't even make my list. Tricia spent five hours making candy for thank-you gifts for teachers and bus drivers. Jenny took her daughter shopping for presents for needy kids. My elderly neighbor is packing up boxes of goodies for the troops in Iraq. Barb down the street is hosting her annual neighborhood coffee. Handmade holiday cards, gingerbread house decorating parties, monogrammed gifts with six-week lead times - I can't keep up!

I'm sure I have a horrible character flaw buried deep in my psyche that's causing me to be such a holiday slacker, but I don't have time to analyze it. I gotta get to the mall.

There is one unique gift of comfort and joy I am able to offer this season. No matter how behind you are in planning for the holiday, I'm far worse.

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