Saturday, December 13, 2008

Label Lit: Nail Polish Bottles Make Good Reads

I'm a recovering nail biter and regular manicures are an important part of my therapy.  I've discovered a new source of amusement at my local nail salon -  selecting my shade of polish. The colors are pretty, but what really gives me a lift are the names at the bottom of the bottles.

OPI nail lacquer names are the best.  OPI was one of the first companies to ditch boring labels like Pink #2 and give a shade multifaceted cachet with a name like Aphrodite's Pink Nightie. Their bestseller, I'm not Really a Waitress, is a shimmery red that conjures up a daringly trampy image.  My favorite color is Oh to be 25 Again, a deep burgundy that makes me feel playful, yet knowingly mature.

Other OPI colors with witty, inspired names are: Friar, Friar Pants on Fire, a red so hot it's almost scandalous; Baby it's "Coal" Outside, a naughty gray for the holidays; and I'm Fondue of You, a saucy chocolate color from the French Collection.

For frivolous fun right here on your computer, click over to the OPI website and browse their entertaining selection of shades. It'll give you a giggle, and is easier on your eyes than having to squint at the tiny labels on the bottles. 

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