Friday, November 30, 2012

One Big Sex Tip for the Holidays

Last night concluded the "Sex & the Suburbs - Live" three-part series at the Wilmette Theatre, and I am still riding the high. The turnout in the theatre was fabulous, and there was a great balance between men and women, which was perfect, given the subject was: Bridging the Male/Female Divide - How to get what you Really Want for the Holidays.

Wow did we cover a lot of ground, and I'd like to summarize it for you here, but I don't have time, because I'm off to Paris tomorrow for a weeklong writing seminar. Bucket list! Anyway, here's one tidbit from last night's show to keep in mind to get what you want from your man when it comes to sex.

Have you told your him what you desire? Have you given him the opportunity to give it to you? 

Men actually are not selfish pigs. They don't mind getting off, but they enjoy sex most when they satisfy their woman. It makes them feel manly! But, unfortunately, they don't always know how to go about it. So why not clue them in?

This season, to get what you really long for, ask for it! I know I'm going to.

And, hey. Here's an article about me and the show from the Wilmette Patch.  I'm used to doing the interviewing, so it's weird to be on the other side. But I think Teme Rings did a wonderful job. And she came to last night's show with her husband too!

Au revoir mes amies! I'll report back when I get home from France. And I'll talk about something other than sex for a change, promise.

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