Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Advice to College Freshmen (and Their Moms Too)

My son, Nick, is heading off to The University of Michigan in a month and I couldn't be prouder. I have lots of advice for him, but I think this may be the point in our relationship when he stops listening for a while. So in honor of my firstborn leaving the nest, here's a video packed with great advice for incoming college freshmen from the people that know best - current college students. Thanks to all the students who helped me out on this project for Make It Better. Your poise, humor, and smarts are very reassuring to this mom.

P.S. - Nick will be swimming for the world class Michigan Men's Swimming & Diving team and  I'm a Michigan grad myself - BBA '84 - so Go Blue!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Marjie, I am going to have Henry watch this today! Such great advice, and not from a parent - so smart!

Marjie Killeen said...

Thanks for watching and showing Henry, MS! It was really fun and rewarding to make this video.