Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In 5 words, how do you want to feel? I'll go first.

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In Danielle LaPorte's inspiring book, The Fire Starter Sessions, she talks about the importance of knowing how you want to feel each day, and pursuing those feelings rather than setting goals or conforming to societal expectations or using money or belongings to measure your success. This concept is based on the belief that our emotions are the true guideposts to operating in our sweet spot, our bliss, our flow, our life's purpose, our true vocation.

It's a highly individual experience - what lights me up may leave you cold - but we all know it when we feel it. Unfortunately, most of  us don't feel it often enough.

I've spent some hours considering this, and here are the words (the book's exercise suggests choosing 3-5) that best describe what I'd love to experience.

 I want to feel:

Turned on 

These words are rich in meaning for me. For example, when I say "Connected," I don't mean being able to get Blackhawks playoff tickets - I mean I want be part of something bigger than me, including my family, inspiring friends and mentors, my community, my audience, and this place and time. And "Turned-on" goes way beyond it's sexual connotation; it's about feeling so excited and attracted to ideas and situations and people that I wanna jump their figurative bones.

The point of identifying these desirable feelings, says LaPorte, is then you figure out what you can do to feel that way. And it's not selfish - feeling good puts us in our highest, most authentic, most productive place. If I want more meaning in my life, today I can make sure I'm thoughtful and thorough in my work, have real conversations with my kids, and read an inspiring book.

Phew, this whole concept comes as such a relief. If I can prioritize what makes me feel good, and so can you, we are all going to be so damn happy! How delightful!

What's one way you'd like to feel each day?

When I did this a few years ago, it was definitely a turn on

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