Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Life is Good and I'm Goofing Off

Is happiness bad for my work ethic?
I haven't written much this month, not because I'm over my midlife crisis, but because I've been too busy having too much fun.

The first week of May I took myself to Canyon Ranch, a beautiful, inspiring spa and health retreat nestled in the Berkshires in the little town of Lenox, Massachusetts. What a luxury to spend five days on my own, learning the latest about longevity and prevention, revamping my diet, stepping up my work out,  and indulging in some much needed pampering.

Canyon Ranch isn't cheap, but I consider the investment to be completely worth it, both for me and my family. Since I've been home I've been moving more, drinking less, eating better, thinking positively and sleeping like a baby. Ah! Now that was a vacation.

I thought I'd be writing a lot about my Canyon Ranch experiences, but you know what? I just haven't felt like it. Since I've been home both the weather and my social life have picked up. My husband and I tore up the dance floor at a Cinco de Mayo bash, a girlfriend threw herself a 50th birthday party at the local wine shop.  I had plays to see, walks to take, a basketball team to root for.

This weekend I took my son on a college visit trip, and even though we were plagued by thunderstorms, delays, and diversions, we had an incredibly special couple of days together. I'm so damn excited about his future, I can't help but feel a little fired up about my own.

So you see? I've been happy. And therefore not at all inclined to produce work. Which makes me wonder - are happiness and ambition incompatible? Does productivity and achievement require a person to be perpetually dissatisfied? Must there always be a problem to fix or a flaw to correct in order to progress? Is happiness making me lazy? 

Whatever. Instead of questioning my enjoyable state of being, I think I'll support Penelope Cruz's philosophy of life.

"My ambition is to be happy," says the talented beauty.

Mine too, Penelope! I may be goofing off, but I'm smart enough to enjoy the good times (and thank god, the good weather) when they come along.

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