Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My month of contemplation has unwanted side effect

Introspection is making me sleepy
One week into my new theme and my pronouncement is: March stinks. Even though I had high hopes for getting quiet, centered and introspective,  I just can't wrap my mind around this theme. I was sure that if I calmed down, tuned out all the noise, and paid attention to my feelings and conscience I'd discover - well, some sort of enlightenment or higher purpose.  I've cut out the TV and news and excess internet surfing. Instead I've been reading and journaling and attempting to meditate and all I feel is .... sleepy. I can't keep my eyes open.

It's weird. Normally I bolt out of bed at 5:00 a.m. (I'm the mother of a swimmer, we have early wake-up calls), pound three cups of coffee and hit my day running. But this week, I've been letting my kid fend for himself, sleeping past my alarm, even taking afternoon naps - something I've never been able to do if I tried.

You know, all this quiet and contemplation might be leading me to one  earth-shattering epiphany after all. I haven't been getting enough sleep!

Sleep deprivation has serious health risks, especially for women. According to a recent WebMD article, lack of sleep is linked to hypertension,  Type 2 diabetes, weight gain and depression.  Women are more susceptible to these problems, probably because of our hormones. Maybe it's not such a bad thing that I've been conking out so much.

Even though I'm disappointed with my progress, I'm going to stick with this month's theme.  I still hold out hope for some deep revelations or ah ha moments, which I'll be delighted to share the minute they occur.

But for now, I'm going back to bed.

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