Monday, January 17, 2011

Reiki Rocks! My first energy healing experience.

Here at Forty Fabulous, January is the month of the body, and this week I tried something new for mine - Reiki.

I knew nothing about Reiki. I mean I'd heard of it; I knew it was something about energy healing and chakras. But I didn't know how a session was conducted, what it would feel like, or what the benefits would be. I didn't know anyone who had experienced it, or certainly anyone who could perform it. Or so I thought.

After asking around (on Facebook, of course), I discovered a dozen friends who had all had great experiences with Reiki and three women right in my own neighborhood who are certified practitioners. Two are women I've known for years. It's amazing how when you tune into something new, you discover it's all around you.

 Reiki felt like this at times.
A friend called to tell me about Laurie Goldstein, describing her as filled with light. Actually, I think she said, "Laurie is light."

Laurie (who really is a luminous person) knew nothing about Reiki until a few years ago when she felt an irresistible calling to learn about energy healing. Now a highly qualified practitioner, she is just beginning to expand her practice beyond her family and friends. And she was willing to do a session with me.

Walking over to Laurie's house through the snow, I was both excited and nervous. I really hoped Reiki wasn't going to be weird or embarrassing. Despite my desire to live life to the fullest, I can be kind of uptight.

Here's how the session went.

And also like this.
After chatting a bit with Laurie, I lay on my back on a massage table in her living room. I wore comfortable workout clothes. Laurie stood by my head for a few minutes and she asked me to focus on my intention for the session.

"What's an appropriate intention for Reiki?" I asked. "Should it be something about my health or mental state? I can't ask for ten million dollars, right?"

Laurie kind of shrugged. "My intention for a session is always that it is for the client's highest good. You can ask for that or something more specific."

What I really want is to be creative, courageous and find my purpose in life. But that seemed like a lot to ask for, so I decided my intention would be to be open to the experience.

For the next hour, Laurie placed her hands lightly on different parts of my body - my head, my eyes, my throat, my abdomen, my back. It sounds like the most boring treatment ever, but amazingly, it wasn't. I felt stuff!  I really could feel energy traveling through me and it was unlike anything I've felt before.

At times I felt waves passing through me, which I guess is what you might expect. But I also felt a slow, rumbling sensation - kind of a cross between a mild earthquake and your stomach growling. Sometimes I just tingled. Once, I felt distinct pressure on my leg, which was startling, because Laurie's hands were clearly on my collarbone.

I was only uncomfortable once, when Laurie rested her hands on my solar plexus. Although I knew she was applying almost no pressure, the feeling became so intense and weighty I didn't know if I'd be able to stand it. Later, Laurie told me that area, the third chakra, governs things like purpose and personal power - which certainly related to my original intention.

The hour was up before I knew it and I sat up feeling refreshed, relaxed and curious. What the hell had just happened to me? Laurie couldn't say exactly. Every person experiences Reiki differently and each time can bring something new. Some people don't feel a thing during the session. But even if you don't, Laurie says it still works.

"Reiki energy has it's own intelligence. It always goes to the places it's most needed and it can't do any harm," she told me.

Another friend, Sherri Simpson, was certified over 10 years ago when she lived in Japan (where Reiki originated) with her husband and children. She has primarily used Reiki for herself and family and describes it as "a very powerful presence in my life."

Sherri has used the energy in a wide variety of ways - from alleviating the pain of her sons' scraped knees to giving comfort and peace to her dying uncle. She says Reiki provides healing, can have a calming and soothing effect, and can be a very emotional experience. Sherri is grateful she's been able to offer this comfort to people in her life.

"The process of giving Reiki is healing for the giver, "she said. "It's a great opportunity to give; it's a beautiful thing."

After just one hour of energy healing, it's not like my life is transformed. But I felt wonderful during and after my session with Laurie - clear, positive, invigorated. I definitely believe there was a transfer of energy; the sensations I had were undoubtably real.

So my first take is - Reiki rocks! I'm definitely going to learn more about it and try it again soon.

If you'd like to learn more about Reiki, click here.


Anonymous said...

Wow! This sounds amazing!!! I have been curious about Reiki in the past, but never really knew anything about it. Now I'm doubly curious. Thanks for sharing!

Marjie Killeen said...

Thanks for reading FC! If you give it a try, let me know what you think.


Mrs/Dr. T said...

Good stuff Marjie! Can't wait to try it! I'll be choosing "early spring" as my intention. ;)

Ardath said...

Laurie is truly a gifted healer. So glad you experienced her light!

Marjie Killeen said...

Mrs/Dr. T - schedule your appointment before groundhog day!

Ardath - I think I had a pretty amazing intro to reiki.

Thanks to you both for reading/commenting.

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