Friday, July 23, 2010

Inspired Author Encourages Soulful Parenting

In many ways, Wilmette educator and author Annie Burnside, M.Ed, is a typical, down-to-earth mom. She drives a minivan, reads to her kids, blasts music while cooking dinner, and isn’t above grabbing a drink with her girlfriends.

What’s different about Annie is that she infuses even the most mundane tasks with spirituality and joy and guides her three children to do the same.  Annie calls her van the “Spirit Mobile”, chooses the music she rocks out to for its uplifting themes, and sees a simple trip to the grocery store as an opportunity for enlightenment.

Annie is on a mission to raise spiritually conscious children, and in her new book, Soul to Soul Parenting, she encourages the rest of us to do the same.  Judging from her radiant appearance and infectious laugh, the chick is on to something big.  Annie exudes good vibes.

A former elementary teacher and longtime student of metaphysical and spiritual principles such as those espoused by Eckhart Tolle, Annie experienced such joy and fulfillment from her own spiritual awakening that she had to share the process with her husband and young children.  Based on her experience, Soul to Soul Parenting provides a practical, non-denominational framework for families to integrate spirituality into everyday life.

Sigh, I can hear some of you thinking, it’s hard enough to get my kids to do their homework and pick up their clothes!
Relax. Soul to Soul Parenting is not some rigid system. Annie invites readers to choose from the themes and methods she presents to find what works for them. And anyway, most of her recommendations are fun!

From holding family meetings and creating rituals to appreciating nature, art and movies, Annie’s goal is that families to “crank up the joy” and tap into a higher level of consciousness. She also presents universal themes to explore - such as compassion, empathy, self-love, gratitude and forgiveness.

“My goal is not to overwhelm you with your already full parenting plates,” she says, “but to empower you to broaden and enhance your family’s spiritual life and lead the way for your children to become conscious of a larger life perspective than the physical senses allow.”

For more information on Annie Burnside, her book and her work as a soul nurturer, visit her website:

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