Monday, October 26, 2009

All straight guys love the Posse.

The Posse's main assets are their obvious physical charms combined with a wicked sense of humor. And if a man doesn't worship both, he's not gonna cut it.

Bunny is seeing someone regularly now, but I asked her about Ed, a guy she'd gone out with a couple years back.

"I was nuts about him," she said. "But he didn't appreciate me enough."

Oh really? I asked.

"Listen," she said leaning in close. "My current boyfriend loves my body. My ex-husband loved my body. Everyone loves my body, but Ed didn't - he's gay."

Bunny does have a fabulous body and expects it to be given it's proper due between the sheets. So, she's not going to tolerate a selfish or uninventive lover.

Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of gay guys out there. Like the young stud who completely ignored the Posse on Vibe's dance floor, rushing past them to boogie with a striking Latin-looking woman. He was obviously gay.

"Gay and fourteen!" proclaimed Grace.

It takes a real man to handle the Posse, that's for sure. And until he comes along, Bunny, Regina and Grace are happy to dance with one another.

Next time, I'm switching gears. How to make sure YOUR needs get met!
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