Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips from the Style Pros

While shooting my Spring fashion video last week (see below), I gleaned some great tidbits of fashion advice from my go-to stylist expert, Kate Shifrin, and Jamie and Renata who work at Frances Heffernan (the awesome boutique that provided all the clothes.) I couldn't fit all the info into the video, so here's some bonus insider tips for you to consider here.

1. Pose like Beyonce
Ever see a picture of yourself and think "Ewww, I look so heavy"? Well, no more. Kate Shifrin showed me how to pose like a pro on the red carpet and in this quick video, I'll show you. The trick to looking thin? It's all in the angles.

2. Bling it On
Jamie and Renata want to encourage women to put a little glitz into their everyday outfits. Sequins, rhinestones, and metallics are not just for evening anymore. Whether it's embellished shoes or a big sparkly ring, don't be afraid to dazzle during the day.

3. One is Never Enough
Think multiples this Spring. Layered necklaces are all the rage, but that's not all. Jamie and Renata say that wearing light-weight tees and tanks in all sorts of combinations is really "in" this season.

3. Hello Heels
Jamie, Renata, and Kate all agree that women look best in high heels and wish we'd wear them more often. Heels elongate the leg, tighten the calf, improve posture and make us look thinner. Nude or natural colored heels are especially flattering. I know, high heels aren't always practical, and many of us have sore or injured tootsies. But Jamie says, "wear 'em when you can!" To illustrate the difference they make on a petite (okay, short) woman like me, check out this video.


Claudia said...

Hey Marjie... Love the blog!! Whatever happened to Five Faves?! I'm from Brazil, but lived in Wilmette for a while and had so much fun watching the tips on life in Wilmette!!! I mean, your blog rocks, but I kinda miss Five Faves too...

Blasé said...

But when I "twist" hurts!